Camfed International

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Camfed is dedicated to supporting girls through educationand enabling young women to step up as leaders of change. Over the past two decades, Camfed has refined a model of investment in these areas that achieves substantial economic and social returns at individual and societal levels. This model – proven in its robustness, replicability and policy relevance – has been scaled across five sub Saharan African countries. In 2012, 2,067,000 young people directly benefited from Camfed’s programs.

The results of Camfed’s approach are demonstrated through improved school enrollment, retention and pass rates of girls, the increased financial assets of young women school-leavers, and the delay in girls' age of marriage and motherhood. Camfed’s impact is also apparent in the growing levels of activism and philanthropy within its partner schools and communities, demonstrating the far-reaching change that is achievable when communities are fully engaged around girls’ education and young women’s economic empowerment. These results are captured in robust tracking systems through which Camfed is pioneering ways to share information and raise the bar around transparency.

Camfed’s approach is founded on a governance model that places accountability to girls and young women at its core. Their model mobilizes an entire social infrastructure around girls to secure girls' entitlement to education. Camfed's model is underpinned by transparency over the use of resources and visibility of results. This in turn creates a context of long-term, systemic change in girls’ communities; a context in which they can move on from school as empowered citizens, and that opens up educational opportunities for future generations.

Many of the girls who have completed school with Camfed’s support have gone on to join Cama (the Camfed Association), a peer support network for young women entrepreneurs and activists across Africa. Cama has a growing membership currently numbering 19,550.

Funding Priorities

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$1 million and up
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Most are for 2-3 years of guaranteed support
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$1 million and up
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